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What others lack, wew provide in abundance. The small, cozy three - star Trend Hotel proudly stands at  a spot protected by the Oravská Magura mountain range and invigorated by the Oravská Priehrada lake. Besides the beauty of coniferous forest and unending water, the hotel offers what has lately been difficult to find, peace and quite. Leave the stress and fast pace of life behind. Here in the valleys of Orava, time passes slowly - so take a moment to enjoy it. Orava Magura is a place where you can climb out of bed at our hotel in the morning., experience wide open spaces for hiking and enjoy edible mushrooms just waiting to be picked. Or if you would rather relax, take advantage of Oravská Priehrada´s hospitality at any of ist beaches. Conditions are more than satisfactory for water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing and sailing. Dust off your bicycle or skates and go riding along the Orava. There are routes for roller blading along the Oravská Priehrada, while the rugged terrain will encourage anyone looking for a good pedaling workout.

If you find Magura covered with snow and blocked by ice, do not despair. There are many nearby ski resorts boasting quality natural snow and a long season. More active guests can skate on the lake and ski kilometers of cross-country trails. A courteous staff is ready and available 24 hours a day for anything you may need and for you to enjoy your stay. Our hotel is here for our guests.

We look forward to your stay!